Racehorse Trainer in Norton, Malton, North Yorkshire 
Horse racing is a results driven business – and we’re proud of our successful track record in the industry. 

Notable Results 

We have a proven history of training winners. Check out these notable results: 

2024 Season 

10th March | 4:50pm Southwell 
‘Thunder Roar’ (3rd) 
10th March | 7:30pm Southwell 
‘Urban Dandy’ (2nd) 
15th March | 6.40pm Newcastle 
'Selby's Pride' (2nd) 
21st March | 7:00pm Southwell 
'Urban Dandy' (2nd) 
23rd March | 2:25pm Doncaster 
‘Thunder Roar’ (2nd) 
18th April | 1:57pm Ripon 
‘Ey Up It’s The Boss’ (2nd) 
24th April | 5:25pm Catterick 
‘Havana Prince’ (2nd) 
27th April | 2.05pm Leicester 
'Thunder Roar' (3rd) 
27th April | 4:55pm Leicester 
'Ey Up It's Jazz' (2nd) 
10th May | 8.25pm Ripon 
'Havana Prince' (1st) 
19th May | 3.50pm Ripon 
‘Ey Up It's The Boss’ (1st) 
24th May | 7:45pm Pontefract 
‘Regal Gem’ (1st) 
30th May | 4:20pm Ripon 
‘Ey Up It’s The Boss’ (3rd) 
5th June | 9:00pm Ripon 
‘Havana Prince’ (1st) 

2023 Season 

13th October 17.35 York 
'Thunder Roar' (1st) 
10th October 15.57 Leicester 
'Selby’s Pride' (2nd) 
4th October 15.12 Nottingham 
'Selby’s Pride' (3rd) 
30th September 17.28 Chester 
'Thunder Roar' (3rd) 
30th September 16.20 Chester 
'Broken Spear' (3rd) 
24th September 16.35 Hamilton 
'Selby’s Pride' (2nd) 
18th September 17.50 Thirsk 
'Ey Up It’s Jazz' (2nd) 
15th September 17.05 Chester 
Ey Up It’s The Boss (3rd) 
11th September 18.30 Newcastle 
'Havana Prince' (1st) 
9th September 15.50 Thirsk 
'Ey Up It’s The Boss' (3rd) 
30th August 16.45 Catterick 
'Monophonic' (2nd) 
18th August 20.20 Thirsk 
'Ey Up It’s The Boss' (1st) 
7th August 15.55 Ripon 
'Ey Up It's Maggie' (1st) 
24th July 19.30 Beverley 
'Ey Up It's Jazz' (2nd) 
10th July 16.40 Ayr 
'Thunder Roar' (1st) 
10th July 19.20 Ripon 
'Ey Up It's The Boss' (2nd) 
5th July 17.15 Musselburgh 
'Golden Prosperity' (1st) 
21st June 20.40 Ripon 
'Golden Prosperity' (2nd) 
18th June 14.05 Doncaster 
'Ey Up It's The Boss' (3rd) 
5th June 15.30 Thirsk 
'Ey Up It's The Boss' (2nd) 
2nd June 17.55 Catterick 
'Golden Properity' (3rd) 
13th May 19.40 Leicester 
'Broken Spear' (1st) 
11th May 20.45 Thirsk 
'Ey Up It’s Jazz' (1st) 
29th April 17.25 Leicester 
'Ey Up It’s Jazz' (1st) 
29th April 15.40 Leicester 
'Broken Spear' (2nd) 
2nd April 17.40 Doncaster 
‘Ey Up It’s Maggie’ (1st) 
1st April 13.50 The Brocklesby, Doncaster 
'Havana Prince’ (5th) 
15th March 19.45 Newcastle 
'Urban Dandy' (1st) 
2nd February 16.35 Southwell 
‘Urban Dandy’ (1st) 
21st January 15.45 Southwell 
‘Golden Prosperity’ (3rd) 

2022 Season 

26th March 5.16 Doncaster 
‘Wots The WiFi Code’ (1st) 
9th May 2.30 Catterick 
‘Newgate Angel’ (1st) 
15th May 4.10 Ripon 
'Selby's Pride' (2nd) 
21st May 2.55 York 
'Ey Up It's Maggie' (3rd) 
23rd May 4.25 Leicester 
‘Ey Up It’s The Boss’ (1st) 
7th June 6.10 Wetherby 
‘Ey Up It’s The Boss’ (1st) 
17th June 4.50 Redcar 
‘Ey Up It’s The Boss’ (1st) 
23rd July 5.35 York 
Ey Up It's The Boss' (2nd) 
31st August 7.25 Hamilton 
Selby's Pride (1st) 
14th September 4.02 Beverley 
'Ey Up It's Maggie (2nd) 
21st October 5.10 Doncaster 
‘Wots The Wifi Code’ (3rd) 
22nd October 4.45 Doncaster 
‘Broken Spear’ (3rd) 
26th October 2.10 Nottingham 
‘Ey Up It’s Maggie’ (4th) 

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