Racehorse Trainer in Norton, Malton, North Yorkshire 

Tony has grown up in the racing community and has over 30 years of experiencing riding and training horses. 

He is passionate about the training process and can quickly identify potential money makers, or those with winning potential. In addition to training, Tony can also offer advice on races, organise the administrative side of racing and source racehorses that are available for purchasing. 


Growing up alongside horses and the racing community has given Tony valuable insight into how this world works and made him a knowledgeable authority with a loyal client base. He knows exactly how to get the best from horses, and prides himself on having a small but select stable to ensure the same standards of excellent service can be provided to every client. 


Looking to invest in a racehorse? Tony knows the racing world inside out and what horses are worth the money. With his years of experience working alongside horses, he is renowned for his honesty and will ensure that your money is spent wisely, on a horse with real potential. 

Racing Administration 

From identifying the right races and entering the horses on your behalf, through to organising transportation and attending the races – Tony and his team will provide a complete, end to end service. 


Knowing what the right races are to enter can be difficult. Where one horse might flourish another will falter – so it’s important to have someone who knows both the racing industry and the horse in question. Tony is skilled at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the horses he trains, and can guide and suggest races accordingly. He can also talk you through the purchasing process for those who are new to the racing world or who are interested in investing in a new racehorse. In addition to suggesting potential horses, Tony also has a wide network of contacts that allows him first-hand access to some of the best runners. 

Got a question? We’d be happy to help! Get in touch on 07976 621425, or email tony@tonycoyleracing.co.uk 

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